Welcome To Hanoi


Hanoi is a great place to live because it has one of the fastest growing economies in the world and it is full of opportunity.   The way of life is quite different than in western countries.  This makes for interesting adventures and unforgettable memories.  Vietnam consistently ranks in the top 5 happiest countries in the world.

You can find almost anything you want in this city of 8 million people but it isn’t always easy or obvious where to look.  Everything is done slightly differently in Hanoi.  If you don’t speak Vietnamese, you can spend hours looking for things and trying to figure out where you need to go.  Additionally, foreigners who live in Hanoi are frequently overcharged for goods and services.  This site will answer all your questions about living in Hanoi.  You will have more time and money left over to enjoy Hanoi to the fullest.

When you first move to Hanoi, you have to figure out housing, transportation, employment, and your visa or work permit.

After you have settled in, you can enjoy shopping, entertainment, social life, travel, and learn the language.