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Are the letters in Vietnamese your friends?  They look like the latin letters we are familiar with in English, so they’re easy to read.  But most of them, especially the vowels, sound completely different than English sounds, so if you guess at the pronunciation, it won’t be right.  Since every word in Vietnamese is written as it sounds, learning the letter sounds will help your ability to say new words enormously.


Take your time with the vowel sounds.  It is worthwhile to practice the vowels until you’re comfortable with each sound.  Every word has a vowel so you’ll use the vowels a lot as you learn the language.

Vowels Practice

The next part teaches the consonants.  These will be easier to learn than the vowels.  If you’re not totally comfortable with the vowels, you should review regularly them until they become easy to recognize.


Now you’re ready to pronounce several words with perfect Vietnamese pronunciation.  All of the practice sounds in this exercise are actual Vietnamese words.  For example, ngô means “corn.”

Consonants Practice

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